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hey guys and gals,

I want to remove the badge that says lexus on the left and the model badge on the right hand side of my rear end of the car.

are they just stuck on or are there going to be holes left over if I take them off.

anyone done this before and able to give me some advice?

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its doubled sided tap and a little stun that holds it into the panel

best way is use heatgun and it should come off

dont use a screw drive to pry it you can damage your paint by doing that

not that hard though

its very easy with a heat gun

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Firstly, I prefer the look of the 'Lexus' badge on its own in the middle. No need for the word 'Lexus' on the left and therefore will look unbalanced so the 'is350' also must come off.

Secondly, after removing the 'is350' last night, there were two little holes underneath which has now really annoyed me because I will need to now take it to a panel beaters to get filled and painted.

I will remove the "Lexus' today and post a pic.

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Not to hijack your thread, but I was wondering if you have any pics??

I recently installed the OEM LED signal mirrors, and want to fill the holes on the fender where the indicator was,
Wondering how much $$ a panel beater will charge,

Pics of the fender indicator hole:





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Might be more cost effective to replace the whole guard from a later model, as filling the hole will require welding and a respray...

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Got a pic. Was going to de-badge mine, but I think I won't anymore after reading there's a hole underneath the IS2X0 badges.

Yes, I know people plastidip, but I don't like the rubbery finish.

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