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Mirrors Mirror Mirrors! 1X2012 Rh (Loaded- With Glass), 2X07 2X08


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so after buying and installing Danny's 2011 Mirror Shells, (self installed- saved more $ - i used wire taps for the LED indicators.. they look and work great!,Thanks Danny (ilv1004s)!),

i now have 6x Mirror Shells For Sale: is your 2005/2006/2007/2008 Silver Mirror Housing Damaged ? i have many Mirror Housing Shells available,:

1x 2012 RHS (Loaded all Parts)- bought around 6 months ago, (tungsten Pearl Silver) ~With the very quiet power folding motor included! (compared to my 2007 motor , the 2012 is so quiet!),

- this includes the Glass also, ($400 - negotiable)

OR just the glass:

1x 2012 Mirror Glass RIGHT SIDE fits housings with indicator and Without, (2 plugs on back for heater) - ($100)

2x 2007 Mirror Shells (Pair L+R) : (very good condition) (tungsten Pearl Silver) - No Glass ~ ($250)

1x 2008 Left Side Shell (Very good condition)- ($100!)

1x 2008 Mirror Backing shell (front shell has been cut using a dremel tool - but back shell is still good if you need a cheap replacement!) ($50!)

1x 2010 LHS (American Mirror+Housing+Indicator) - Bought for over $200,.. had fitment issues so i didnt use it, but its yours for ($100),

1x OEM LED indicator. will fit ALL mirror housings with the Indicator, so i will sell the LED indicator for ($125)


i Also have a 2012 RH Headlight LOADED with ALL parts, (Ballast/bulbs/covers) (bought from Sewell USA-have BOX)- eyelash/gloss black w/ LED DRL!!- ($550) - $100 off!! SALE!:





If you're interested please Send me a PM, and i will get back to you,

thanks for looking!!,


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