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Hey guys

I just took delivery of a new 3IS and am thinking about getting the surrounding chrome on the front grille wrapped in matt or gloss black. And maybe the chrome trim around the windows as well.

Kinda like this from club lexus in the USA:


Anyone have any experience getting this or something similar done?

I'm not a DYI'er so looking for advice on a reputable place and a what would be a fair price.

A couple places I asked... quoted anywhere from half day $440 to 2 days $900 (for both grille and windows).

Appreciate any help...


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another option is you can actually order a color coded grill from sewell lexus in the states - would look even better, pricey id imagine though and you would have to take the entire front bar off..


could plasti-dip..


but apart from that would just have to speak to the vinyl experts in the area.

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I suggest a Black Chrome, (This can be done if the grill surround is Chrome, it is a paint process and is hi-gloss) let me know if you are interested.

Perth, Western Australia

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Thanks ricky, but I'm not looking at a permanent solution. Might sell it in a few years and not everyone likes the all black look. Plus I'm not sure if its real chrome even.

Thanks Vaku its a good option if the grille surround could clip on/off without removing the bumper.

Just seeing the prices shops in perth seem to be charging, I reckon removing/installing the bumper would probably cost 2x more than the painted grille itself.

And i still have to do the windows... so price wise is probably too much unless i went diy.

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Another idea, there are a couple of mobile touch up specialists in Perth, the can possibly paint the grill surround in whatever colour you like while it is on the car. I am guessing it is around $150.00

(they will do undercoat, colour then clear coat) - the other solution is to DIY same process with paint cans still going to cost about $75.00 in 3 cans. See how this goes then do the window surrounds. OR do the plastic dip, you can have it matt and then apply the satin plastic dip clear to make it look less matt, this way you can peel it off.

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I work in the Graphics industry where a lot of people have their vehicles wrapped. Just remember if you decide to go down the path of having anything covered by Vinyl, the longer it stays on the vehicle the more likely it will leave an adhesive residue on the surface if it is removed. Also remember vinyl will deteriorate with time. Make sure you get all the facts.

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