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New Pics Of The Gs F

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Yes the GSF does look better in the flesh. I looked at it on Saturday afternoon, it was parked next to a very nice looking blue LFA, but I was there to see the GSF. WOW... all the good bits from an RCF and more, on a 4 door GS, F. looking very good.

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Here's some further pics of the GS F at Sydney City Lexus.




For those of you familiar with the Lexus design, there's not a lot of visual surprise here; at least, not initially. The current GS shape is mated with the F side vents, pronounced spindle grille and headlamps with "L" detail. The calipers also won't come as a surprise to those who followed the launch last January, when Lexus USA's Jeff Bracken noted how "f***ing awesome" they are (or words to that effect).

It comes with all the GS Sports Luxury trimmings, including AV controls in the rear console:

What's surprising is the number of positive journo reviews this car has had after its appearance at Pebble Beach, particularly after the mediocre reviews of the RC F. It's reportedly balanced and fun to drive; it's as if the Skyline GT-R is the choice for outright speed, the GS F has redefined performance luxury, and the Germans are "stuck in the middle" and don't do either quite well.

Of course, we'll have to wait a little while before we can test drive the GS F for ourselves. In the meantime, here's an audio clip of it starting up, followed by a gentle dab on the throttle. While there's the unmistakable low-pitched resonance of a V8, I can say the vibration inside the cabin is almost imperceptible.


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Had a seat in one today.

Not a fan of the new interior dashboard design at all.

Since you spend all your time inside that's a pretty important factor.

I find the previous generation 2005-2012 interior design much better.

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