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Sat Nav - How-To And Determining If Your Have Dvd Or Hdd Based?

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Hi all,

I have a 2012 IS and I've baulked at the price of an update from the dealer - but it seems there are alternatives.

Some quick questions about updating the maps:

1. how can I confirm if a DVD update will work for me?

2. what's the method for updating it?

3. is it just a standard iso and are the online vendors reputable?


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1. Have a look at this: http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/8170-howto-change-your-maps-dvd/

If you can't see the two tiny holes on your dashboard, or you open it and don't see a DVD slot, then you have a HDD-based map system.

2. If it's DVD-based, refer to the above link. Otherwise, refer to your Owners Manual.

3. It's a standard ISO, but some copied disc formats may work better than others.

Whereismaps.com sells genuine maps for less than the dealers, at $295.

Forum members are unable to post other online sources here, as this is a public forum and bound by copyright laws.

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Yes I have a 2010 IS250, usually if you have a screen you have a DVD in there, I have updated toWhereis - Denso V18 and usually skip the V19 and will now upgrade to V20 (Release date May 2014) BUT if you have a 2012 you probably have V19 so I would wait for V21. REASON: The difference between V19 and V20 is not noticeable. I think you can get a genuine Version 20 from Whereis for $295.00. In fact I may wait for V21 if I am going to spend that money.

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Why pay that outrageous price every year for those discs, and they can't keep up with all the tunnels being built in Brisbane?

There is an app that I run in iPad - it is called Metroview, updates free for life and often too

It is an Aussie GPS and it is awesome, only $24, never use the Lexus GPS again

But hey, Google for iTunes discounts, right now Coles have gift cards for 20% off

And at Harvey Norman, get 2 x $20 cards for 25% off

Can't beat that :)

Moderator can delete if they think I'm selling but I'm not, I just like the product

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