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Hi, I am just need some feedback if anyone has had issues with ceramic pads. I am seriously thinking of changing the original ones later this year. Brake dust is my biggest concern together with the noise (this is apparently normal and to do with the ABS function)


1. Do front and back need to be ceramic.

2. Do rotors need machining (skimming).

3. The Redstuff ceramic pads brand on eBay seem relatively cheap.

4. Can I trust a non Lexus brake specialist to change them.

My concern is if it is not broke don't fix it but the brake dust is driving me crazy, I guess I am happy to keep using IRON-X

Thanks, Rick.


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1. they dont have to be ceramic all round but it is recomended (just change them as the way you go)

2. Yes disc machining is generally a good idea when your changing pads regardless though with the ceramic pads you would want to upgrade the rotors to something stronger than OEM as ceramic can eat through the rotors pretty quickly when pushed

3. Yes Ebay readstuff is cheap and they are genuine, they are cheap because they dont not have store upfront cost and stock holding fees

4. A lexus mechanic is still a lexus mechanic if they can do a brake change on a normal car then they can do it on a lexus

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