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Hi all,

I am wondering what people's prefered suppliers are for aftermarket parts for the is250. There is a bit around but (unless i am blind which is possible) the most recent seem to be almost 4 years old and there is much outdated.

Personally looking for suppliers of headers and exhaust stystem. Much debate between the PPE, Megan Racing and the Novel and while it is relatively cheap to get PPE and Megan from the states, 1- I prefer to support Aus where possible and 2 - shipping is so darn expensive from states to Aus.

Greatly appreciate any recommendations or advice.

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You mean like where to get aftermarket parts? Or brands out there?
I know here in Sydney a dealer supplies/fits ppe headers as well as fsport exhaust, you could try asking your local dealer to save abit on shipping.

For the other headers you can check out the green global auto section in this forum as a supplier and exhausts there are plenty of options

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Garage 88 in Sydney, They distribute a lot of Japanese aftermarket parts. I've brought a Cusco strut brace, Tien lowering springs, SSR SP1s rims.

Friendly staff and they ship all around Australia, shipping is at reasonable prices. They also air freight from Japan, so if the item is in stock in Japan, it usually comes within 7-10 days!

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Thanks for the replys guys.

Coconut - i was more referring to where you can get parts from. For the headers i was looking for megan racing seem to be the cheapest however there is minimal information from those that have put them on. PPE headers seem to have the best reviews and output however trying to get parts from the states is almost the same cost for shipping. So been trying to find a place here that might have a supply line to the states or something that i can get the headers and there also the rest of the exhaust together with a couple of f-sport items.

Same thing for the head unit upgrade. All i wanted to get is the usb input which i found vasitech mml to be the best option, but then i was thinking of getting one of the fly audio units. Long story short fly audio dont make one for the 06 is 250 any more so will have to get a mml but the supplier here doesn't list it as being available any more which vaistech head office disputes.

I did get in touch with Green Global and he has been both very helpful and informative. But also trying to find our what/where/who else everyone uses to get parts for their cars.

Gotta say it, really suprised about the lack of lexus modification sites. I know the is250 isn't the most commonly modified lexus as people think its not worth it, but for a comfortable car with just a little more kick i think it's a decent platform. Just my two cents.

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erictieng - thanks for the information. Got a virus attempt as soon as i went to their site which isn't a good thing but will have a bit more a look into it. Seems to be more generic mods place.

I think there are very few mod place options other than lexus themselves, which i was trying to avoid as they will charge a truck load just because they can and it's lexus.

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