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Buying A Used Rx330

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Hi all,

I'm looking to return to the world of Lexus ownership after a few years away. Basically,

I'm looking for a mid-size SUV and had been focused on a 2008 Forester however I can get myself a 03/04 RX330 for about the same price.

My questions.... My budget sits at about $14k which will get me a 03-05 sports luxury model. They all have about 180k or so on them. Is this an issue for this car? Anything that I should be looking out for?

The only other concern I have is fuel consumption. The claimed figure is 12ish vs about 11 for the Forester, but what are real world figures like? I'm mainly doing city driving so what have people realistically been getting?

Looking forward to getting back involved here!

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