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Lexus Is250/is350 Myride Rear Bumper Lip Diffuser Bodykit

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Hi All,

Since there is no thread regarding MyRide Rear Bumper Lip Diffuser Bodykit I have create this thread in case anyone else is interested.

I have purchased this from the States (USA) on eBay on the 28/05/14 and it has arrived today 05/06/14 (5 Business Days, Not Bad!).



US $93 + US $100 Shipping.

Total US $193 (I paid $216.69 AUD)

Here is how it arrived:


Here is what is included in the package:


I was thinking to do the same as our brothers in the USA by painting the diffuser the same colour as my car:


I have gotten a quote of $100 AUD to paint the diffuser like above.

My Car:


I have asked a few people and they have recommended/suggested to leave it black as if painted it looks boring, less aggressive and doesn't stand out.

So now I have been persuaded to just leave it black and not paint it. :D

Let me know your thoughts, what would you do if this was your car? :P

The diffuser will be fitted this weekend I hope.

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