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Rear Brake Pads Requiring Replacement

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Hi, sorry if this is a repost but I couldn't find it anywhere in the forum.

Just had my 105k minor service for my 2007 IS250. They mentioned that I need to replace my rear brakes. Any brands you recommend? I've found the following link but not sure if it is good.


Also, does anyone know what the difference between DB1854ULT and DB1854GCT (link below) is?


Thanks in advance!

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From memory Bendex Ultimates (heavy street / track spec pad) end in ULT.

Other is the standardish ones. I run Ultimates with dimpled / slotted rotors. With minimal dust compared to the OEM Dust monsters

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Thanks guys.

The brake pads have arrived. I have enquired about getting them installed and been quoted $140 for labour.

However, my mechanic has advised that 99% of the Bendix pads he's installed ends up squealing (other brands are fine).

Does anyone know if this is usually the case if you don't install new rotors at the same time? Does machining the rotors make a difference?

Interested to know.. thanks in advance.

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I changed the all the rotors and installed bendix brakes front and back last year and they were squealing when you are just about to stop + they had a good bite but it was too much for me compared to OEM it lost its smoothness.

Changed over to OEM and no issues what so ever (well....except dust)

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