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My IS250 always have the hot air coming out of the vent no matter what temperature is outside, it would go cold immediately after I turn on the air con for few seconds with low temperature and switch it off again. However the hot air would come back again if I turn off the ignition and turn it back on again. It happens to some cars as I know but only occasionally.

BTW does anyone know how to set the air circulation to get the air from outside for good as my car always sets itself to interior circulation every time I turn off the engine, is there anything wrong with the computer OR its the same for everybody? My one is 07 SL.


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Yes I have the same issue. The temperature is always warmer than usual. Feels like there is always heat emitting from the centre console.

Also same thing with the outside air. It is very annoying. I have an 07 model as well.

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I get this too! I thought I was going mad. the hot air isnt from the vent it actually feels like its coming from under the steering wheel or the pedal. it happens really randomly I cant seem to find out what is causing this

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Most likely you were using the heater before which was set at a high temperature.

What you need to do is turn down the temperature (e.g. 18 degrees) before turning off the climiate control and engine - this should turn off the heater completely.

So next time you start your car, the temperate should be at 18oC and any air coming into the cabin should be 18.

Take note of your air settings in the climiate control e.g. face, windscreen and feet, face and feet, etc... this should be where the heat is coming from.

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