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Dash Light Globes

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So I've just noticed one of my globes has blown in my instrument cluster I was looking to find how to remove the cluster to replace the globes I found a awesome write up on how to do it on another Lexus site my.is now my question is has anyone done this before these guys are putting coloured LEDs and changing the entire look of the cluster from my understanding it's just a slip on cover over the globe giving us that crappy orange colour that makes reading temp gauge hard to read can anybody confirm this


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I've done a full white conversion on my friend's 200. All you need is 3 194s and 2 24 LEDs and you should be fine. But make sure you get the wide angle uniform LEDs because most LEDs will shine forward and your cluster will look bad. The OEM bulbs like you said are just halogens with Orange covers on them.

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I'd love to see a photo if you have one available just unsure if I want to start doing the climate control lights also need to sort it out soon though driving at night with no instruments is not something I wanna do !

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I'll try get a picture if I can. The climate control can also be done quite easily but getting the clock done is a bit hard. Since LEDs have a focus point where the light shines the most you'll see two white dots staring at you in the clock. Other than that the rest looks much better in white.

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Hey dude sorry for the late reply. I still had exams left for uni so I couldn't get back to you.

Anyway here are the photos



The climate control lights are a bit dull in the photo but not too bad in real life. I would recommend using halogen 5000k bulbs for a good white colour. Climate control uses a different size bulb.

All necessary information can be found here


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