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Looking At Buying A 2000 Is200 Luxury Sports Edition And Have Some Que

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Hello all, I'm new here and came across a private seller advertising a 2000 model, IS200 Luxury Sports edition. The price is listed as $6800 negotiable, with 141,000km on the clock and 1 month of rego. It looks reasonably nice, with a few marks on the outside and the interior is still in reasonable shape. Wanted an outside opinion on whether or not this seems to be a good deal, and perhaps find out more about the model car (i.e. reliability etc) from people who likely understand it.

Thank you in advance.

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Hey firstly welcome to the club.

$6,800 negotiable for a is200 sports luxury is pretty cheap considering it has only 141,000kms on it. I would firstly check the the history of the car because it could have been clocked back. Even if it has though these cars survive for a VERY long time. My mate's car has 246,000kms on it and it still runs and goes strong.

Firstly I would check the dash, climate control and cluster bulbs as these cars around that age will most likely have them blown. Check if any anything has been tampered with such as engine bay seals, wheel arch guards, condition of the headlights and taillights and most importantly go for a drive to check the quality of the engine. Check power steering belts and go for a drive after the engine is warm to see if there's any noise coming from the engine bay. Also check the wear and tear of the interior as that is a good indication on whether the car is older than advertised.

Although $6,800 negotiable is a very good price for a 141,000km car I would still have suspicions whether the car has been tampered with or not.

Regardless, again, welcome to the club and if you have any more questions feel free to post around the forums or pm.

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