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Help Me Indentify Sports Vs Sports Luxury

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Hi guys i want to get a secondhand is250. I'm not clear on the differences between the sports and sports luxury models.

Out of these cars can you tell me which is the sports and which is the sports luxury?

1. im sure this is sports luxury woodgrain, 17 inch wheels: http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Lexus-IS250-2006/SSE-AD-2899905/?Cr=3&sdmvc=1

2. sports or prestige? 16 inch wheels, leather seats, nav unit: http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Lexus-IS250-2006/AGC-AD-15990787/?Cr=6&sdmvc=1

3. sports? 17 inch wheels, nav unit but no leather seats: http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Lexus-IS250-2007/AGC-AD-15763164/?Cr=4&sdmvc=1

I was reading this thread but im not entirely clear on whats included in the sports vs sports luxury becuase im getting conflicting info.


Is there a difininitve way of identifying these models? I dont want to be duped into getting a prestige with a nav unit. I want to make sure i get all the extras.

Also when im buying a second hand is250 is there a way to find out if the car has been brought back for repair for the number of lexus recalls that they've had?

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1. Sports Luxury

2. Prestige

3. Sports

You are correct.

Easiest way to identify the Sports Luxury is the front emblem - bkc9.jpg

It's the Lexus symbol incased in black plastic as it holds the precollision radar underneath it vs just the logo sticking out.


There's the button with the car radar under the call buttons which is for the radar cruise (picture is of an ISF)


Illuminated door sills

+ woodgrain trim

Sports - easiest giveaway is the Alacantara Suede seats and sports pedals

Prestige - easiest sign is no parking sensors, no HID headlight washers, doesn't have the electronic steering wheel which retracts/extends when you turn off/turn on the car.

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Not sure on other years, but my 2009 Sports has full leather seats and auto. Last sports just before F-Sport edition. I thought all Sports had 18 inch rims standard. The older sports had a manual I believe.

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Did you end buying your car finally?

If not, PM me - I've done a fair amount of research on Sports Luxury models and can help out.


PS - I'm Melbourne-based

Thanks for the offer and thanks for the info. I have not yet, still waiting for a good deal. I've settled on the sports luxury model given that the aus model has many features over the sports. Although what features exactly I'm not sure.

I read the Overseas models don't have as much difference in terms of options between SL and S compared to aus models.

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There has been many good deals, 250 deals come very often. What year model do you want and your price bracket then go from there.
It's been covered plenty times the differences in trims. You will find depending on the year, the sports/f sport model have differences whereas the prestige and SL are pretty much consistent throughout the years.

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