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Hi guys,

I have been searching the entire net for an answer but no luck. My cluster needle on the RPM side has blacked out, to be precise the upper half bit is blacked out. I am assuming the led lighting up the needle has blown out.

now is there any one who has the same problem as me? how did you guys fix it? I am 100% sure that if I take it to the lexus guys they will tell me to change the whole speedometer cluster which will be $1000+..

I am quite good at soldering and have no problem taking the cluster out. to my knowledge it will be a small led light that will be on the back of the cluster.


1. is it easy to change the led for the needle?

2. would it work if just change the needle from another secondhand cluster?

I need your guidance!!!


(2008 Lexus is250 Sports Luxury)

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I have done the LED swap on my cluster but the needle I never ever touched the needle. The gap is tiny to get any solder inside to detach the LED unless you have a tiny soldering machine.

Easiest way is to just swap another needle and it should work fine.

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How hard is it change the needle? hear it was very sensitive.. is it easy as just pulling it out with force and replacing them? or is there a special tool that I need to use?

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The needle can be pulled out with with your bare hands. Just make sure your don't pull too hard and break the thing. The hard bit is putting the needle back in. There's a sweet spot where the two contacts on the needle have to align with the hole in the cluster. I've had an occasion where my needle fell off while I was driving haha. You should be able to the feel the needle going back into place once it's in.

Why don't you try change your needles to the ISF blue needles while they're out already? It looks pretty good =D

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Thanks heaps mate! yea I was thinking about the same thing changing the needle to the isf ones but I cant find someone who is willing to sell just the needle for the cluster.. Ive looked in sewell parts, ebay gumtree but no luck.. my best bet is to find a is250 wreckage and buy the whole cluster set.

Thanks for the answer :)

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I've asked the guys at Tanin Auto Electronix in US and they quoted me $150 for both needles + $150 core fee( Core fee will be refunded after I return my old needles back to them) + postage..

I think it will be better off finding a is250 wreckage and buying the cluster off them..

Thanks guys

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