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Hi guys,

I recently purchased the 2008 Lexus IS250 Sports Luxury and I'm unsure on how to operate the voice command for the navigational system. The steering wheel has the voice command button but when I press it, a message pops up saying that it'll only work on the telephone screen. I watched videos on YouTube where people can push the voice command button and then say the address and the system will recognise the address and start routing.

Is there some how I can activate the function or does the function not exist on my model? I have the touch screen navigational system and there's a button saying "Map/Voice" and I'm pretty sure it has voice commands.

Kind regards,


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Hi Eric,

I have a 2009 IS250 Prestige, I think the voice command button operates your phone contacts.

If your phone is connected to the cars bluetooth then by pressing the switch you say a contacts name on your phone and it will appear on your screen.

However you'll have to enter the contacts on your phone manually into the program,otherwise you can search manually by touching the screen.

It will be in your manual on how to program the blutooth contacts.

Map/Voice is when you are using your GPS the voice gives out directions.

Hope this helps.



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As above, I've only been able to use it for dialling contacts in my address book. That said, it's been terrible and can't tell the difference between different voice tags so I don't use it.

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