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Updated Second Car !

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Hi all , just sold my S3 RX7 and bought an IS200 Platinum !!

Has a 136,000 K on it and I'm really pleased .

We are now a multi Lexi family

Wasn't allowed to call it " Mr Anderson " so have named it " NEO " cos it's " The One " !!

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Well had the car a couple of weeks now and it's great !!

So far doing 9.8 l/100k........which is way better than than the 20 to 22 l/100k the bridgeport 13b was doing !!

I can also have a " normal " conversation in the car and actually not only have a stereo but can actually hear it !!

Also have done my first mods , blue LED for the key light and the dash as well , heater controls next .

Have seen the heated seat button changed to blue for the symbol and red for the on light.....have to do that !!

The cd stacker has to go also , getting error 3 now and again , a 7" touch screen will go nicely in the hole and it will modernise the look as well .

Have just ordered a titanium tip cannon for the rear , now just need to source a rear standard muffler and pipe so I can use it as a jig .

Very happy about it being a Platinum Edition , nice to have one of only a hundred !!

The paint colour is awesome , not silver but not bronze either .

I have seen other Platinum's listing their build number like 39 of a 100 , how do you find out/tell what build number it is ?

Is it part of the VIN number , have done a lot of searching but I can't seem to find out......Help .

Enough for now will report back when I lower it a bit , 1/2 to 3/4" in the front 1 to 1 and a 1/4" in the back .

Would like to hear from other Platinum owners ?

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