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Need Help With My Wheels.

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Hello peeps. I bought a lexus is200 1999 model start of this year. I found some decent wheels at a very good price. I need some help of actually understanding the offsets. Well the rims I bought are drifteks. 5x114.3 17x9's and +35 offset. I would like the rims to sit pretty much flush with the fender as you know cops pick on you for making them sit out and plus you cant lower the car much. Did I f*ck up on this one? Heres a pic I cant actually tell that if I put a tyre on and lower it how much camber there will be. Will I need tyres every month? If anyone can help it will be much appreciated thanks guys.


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Standard offset is 38 to 45 so 35 is close , I think your problem is the 9" width .

I believe 8 1/2" will fit with a 40 offset but from all I've seen most people stick with an 8" width .

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Your 9" wheel is an extra 1 1/2" wider [ 38 mm ] than the standard rim , that means you will have approx 14 mm less clearance on the inside and 24 mm extra width on the outside with the 35mm offset .

You need to measure from the surface of the hub to the shock then take 5 mm off that for some clearance .

You can then work backwards with an offset calculator , there's a good one here http://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Wheel-Offset-Calculator .

You will then be able to work out the maximum width you can have .

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So im putting the calculator and it says that 9" rims with 35 offset will stick 40mm out like it does in the pic. If I put 8" rims +38 offset it will have 25mm poke out. I cant understand how people find the right offset and width on their is200's and the rims fit nice in the fender?

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