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Lexus Gs300 Or Is250?

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Well my first post and am coming straight to the point. Have wanted a Lexus ever since I drove a LS400 in 1991. This car will be for mainly my wife who currently drives a Honda Euro, but will be used by both of us on longer trips.

Am looking at Lexus GS 300 2008 - 2010 or IS250 from 2009 - 2012.

My thoughts are -

GS 300 for: better ride (higher profile tyres)? more room, more power & torque

against : extra 250mm in length, so not as easy to park etc, higher fuel consumption, less choice on used car market.

IS 250 for: smaller, better fuel consumption, etc

I would welcome any comments on the features or problems with these two models that will help me make a choice. Thank you


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The Mekon,

I acknowledge this forum (General Lexus Discussion) is probably the best one to use when discussing more than one Lexus model line. Having said that, few of the regulars here check this forum ...

Any car forum generally consists of three types of contributing members:
1. Those that are model enthusiasts
2. Those that come to vent about a problem with their own vehicle
3. Those that are seeking advice prior to buying (effectively looking for input from types #1 and #2)

You don't see much of the second group here, since Lexus vehicles have relatively few problems. Furthermore, there aren't that many GS enthusiasts in Australia; so you won't see many GS posts at all.

However, you can browse the GS model forums yourself and you will find that some late 2000's GS owners have noted problems with rattles. Only one person has attributed such a problem to snapped spot weld while others, though confirming that rattles is a common issue, haven't stated the root cause. Some have just grown to live with the issue.

There's been a number of questions in the IS forums about common problems with the second-generation IS line. By all means, browse the forums yourself; in short, though, you'll find few issues with the 2009+ upgraded models. Like the GS, rattles and squeaks do occur, but these are apparent in the first 1-2 years of the vehicle's life and have nothing to do with welds (usually just foam insulation requiring even more foam insulation!).

In short: Decide between the GS and IS, based on the functional differences you stated, and not on reliability issues. When test driving, do drive on bumpy roads and make sure there aren't any rattles or squeaks that will annoy you or your passengers.

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many thanks for your reply. And I apologise for my earlier remark. I was beginning to think that since Lexus are so reliable, that they are not bought by enthusiasts. BMW forums seem much busier, no doubt complaining about their servicing or repair costs!

My wife would like a BMW but she is not getting one for that very reason. Yes the GS300 does not seem to have much of a following here in Australia, which is why they seem a very good bargain to me on the used market. I intend to make the purchase within a couple of months and I feel my choice will probably be made by the available colours of either model at the time. We want a red or blue car, and there seems to be far too many grey, black and white models out there. I note you have the IS350 model, which would have appealed to me in my youth, as it appears to be one of the best Q cars you could buy (223Kw wow!), but now am looking for good fuel consumption over performance so the IS250 is the choice. Would like a new IS300 but cannot really justify $70K on a new car.

Thanks again


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One thing to keep in mind is that the gs come in sports luxury trim which has all the bells and whistles. Whilst the is250 you have three choices the prestige, f sport or sports luxury. The IS in general costs abit more than the gs in sports luxury trim. So if you can do without telescopic steering wheel, memory seats, radar cruise, pcs, auto dimming mirrors /rear view and probably a few others I missed out. The prestige can be had for alot cheaper.

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They will be very similar performance wise wise. The is250 will have better fuel economy as well. Both are great cars so it really comes down to space requirements and your personal preference.

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I am also looking at either of these but probably more around the 2005-06 years. Sounds like they are both pretty tough and reliable what is good.

What I would like to know is more about the servicing costs of these cars compared to other luxury cars like BMW and Mercedes?

Most of the cars I am looking at are around the 10 year/ 120K mark so wondering what things need to be taken into account at this stage of the cars life?

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I finally bought a 2010 IS250. Red mica with only 33,000km. Has EMV and sunroof, bone colour seats. Beautiful car, have had all the cowlings off underneath and in engine bay already. Absolutely straight, never had as much as a parking bingle. Paint is perfect.

Paid $31k at a Sydney dealer. Two weeks earlier I saw a similar car at Canberra Lexus, but with over 70,000km and condition not as good ( had a towbar for goodness sake!). Cannot understand why they knocked back my offer of $28K. this car is still sitting at the dealers while I am smiling!

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Thanks Andrew,

The trim is the bone or ivory, not sure if it real leather or the Alacantra? How do you tell?

My car is built 06/2010. I know there was an "upgrade" later that year, but don't think much really changed.

Looked at a 2011 model at another Sydney dealer. Blue Prestige with 35,000km. Dealer wanted $36K. rear seat belts were dirty (kids?) and wheels had severe gutter rash. Told him had the car been decent would have offered $32K. Dealer said that was not enough. This car sold a few weeks later, so clearly there are buyers who just don't look too hard.

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Oh I meant if it was a prestige, f sport or sports luxury, I'm certain you have leather, only the 06-08 sports had the alcantara seats.
Reason I asked is because the price paid can get you the 2010+ update shape. Perhaps even the f sport with the DRL.

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