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From Supercharger To Turbo.

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After a ton of research I worked out that I don't have the skills/time/knowledge to put together a DIY TTE Supercharger. I did manage to get a cradle and a compressor which I am currently selling on Ebay. I don't have enough posts to post in the buy and sell section but feel free to PM me if you are interested in either of the parts.

I have decided to go with a Turbo Kit instead. I have been talking with Dave @ Prolex in the UK and the Turbo kit he can provide will do the job nicely, although he informs me that the downpipe is crap and will need to have one made when I get it installed.

From my research it appears that the stock internals (engine/gearbox) of the iS200 can handle up to 250Bhp/180Kw before things stop working. Using a Turbo to provide 250 ponies would be a nice increase and as it is my daily driver I don't really want to go much higher. And if/when I do want to go higher I think I'll upgrade to an 300 and start again. :)

Will post updates on the Turbo project as it progresses.

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And if anyone has any experience with putting a turbo on an IS200 if they can share any hints and tips they may have picked up that would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Have you purchased the turbo kit? I have an IS200 with turbo fitted to the factory engine and I am doing an engine swap, so all of my turbo stuff is for sale :)

Exhaust manifold, T28 turbo, full exhaust, intercooler and piping, BOV, tuned Greddy E-Manage Ultimate ECU the whole lot! I'm actually trying to sell the whole engine and gearbox package complete. Also have a spare factory engine, plus a set of stonger lower compresion 1G-GTE pistons and rods that i was going to put in the spare engine.

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