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Afs Blinking Rx400H 2008


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Hi, i need some help here, hopefully it's an easy fix.

this morning on the way to work, suddenly my AFS OFF light start to flash. once i got to the office, i turn the engine off and turn it back on again, but AFS OFF light still flashing.

I did it again then i notice something. normally when i turn the engine on, the light moving/calibrating up and down then left and right, but mine did not. The LHS light is calibrating normally, but the RHS light only moving up and down, but doesn't move left and right. so it might be some thing to do with the motor that make the light moving, hopefully just dirty connector or something.

my question is, which one is the connectors? or is my newbie diagnose wrong, and it's actually other things that not right/broken?

i'm reluctant to bring it to dealer because normally it cost arm and leg, and i only have pair each. is there any mechanic in Perth that familiar with Lexus especially RX400h range?


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