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First Photos Of The Australian Spec Lexus Nx

Lexus Nerd

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A few nights ago, Lexus Australia revealed a driveable NX for the very first time to some members of the public.

I thought I'd share some photos I took of this vehicle. I was limited in the photos I could take, so I apologise for the poor quality of some of them taken on my humble iPhone 4.


This is a pre-production NX 200t F Sport, registered for Australian roads. As with most Lexus models nowadays, this one does look better in real life. Reviews often refer to the appearance as "polarising", but I think it's stylish and will even make the Range Rover Evoque look rather ordinary.


Here's the F Sport front grille - notice the camera mounted beneath the badge.


The headlights. Note the 'L'-shaped LED headlights, as we've also seen in RC preview photos. The fins at the base of the light housing seem to diffuse the light and make it more visible from the sides. Sadly, the windscreen washer is not the pop-up style ... but it is body-coloured, instead of the chrome finish found on the 3IS.


On the F Sport, the wing mirrors are finished in gloss black with chrome highlights.


We're starting to see more depth or three-dimensionalism on Lexus wheels. Here's what's fitted on the NX 200t F Sport.


And here's our first glimpse of a Lexus with a "t" badge. The tail lamp cluster has a lot of angles and edges, with gloss black highlights. The tail light shines a consistent red 'L' swoosh when illuminated.

There's plenty of online reviews on the NX, showing you the IS-style interior, new Remote Touch pad, charging tray, colour options, et cetera, and how the pre-production hybrid drives. But here's a few things they won't tell you:

- Yes, the front seats do sit low, much like a sedan, but the rear seats feel more like you would expect in an SUV - it would also allow space for the batteries in the hybrid variant. There is a slight issue with rear headroom, although not quite as pronounced as in the 3IS: rear passengers with a height of more than 175 cm may have to sit forward, slump a little or maybe - something you can't do in a sedan - recline the seat ...

- The leather in both front and rear seats have a superior feel to them - more like the current GS and earlier 2IS models than in the current 3IS.

- The cargo area is fairly spacious: certainly more width than the IS, since the wheel arches don't protrude as much, and about as much depth as the RX.

I'm looking forward to test driving the NX, and provide a comprehensive review here in the near future.

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As requested, dis-lex-sic, here's my review of the new NX 300h:


Thanks to you and Sydney City Lexus for the opportunity to be one of the first to test drive what promises to be a very popular Lexus model.

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