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I know there has been alot of different post regarding brake pads.

Just wanted to see if any one else has had any issues with Remsa Pads.

I changed all pads to remsa SKU R120100 and R118102

they seem to be rather hard, very noise and also cut into my slotted rotters.

Not to sure what i pads i want to change to now, as these pads are still very noisy after getting the rotters machined .

any recommendations, I hear a lot of good things about about greenstuff, I only do normal day today driving but I do alot of city stop go driving, around 500km a week,

cheers for any info thanks guys

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Hi, I am running DBA T2 Slotted with Remsa Pad's. I am not having any issues with them. They are quite and are wearing well as I do about 25k+ per year. What rotors are you running?

I would be running solid rotors if you are worried about wear as they will not be as aggressive on the pads for daily driving. The slotted ones do look better though!

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Im running the RDA7686D slotted, replaced back in Dec last year, so i have done around 20000 kms on these brakes and disc. might be the rotors more than the pads than, as the rotors had

a big groove in the middle, and when i was braking hard i could feel a little wobble down the steering wheel, plus when in stop go traffic all i could hear was the squeaking brakes, so got the rotors

machined now the wobble is gone but they are still squeaking .


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I have had the DBA T2's for over a year now and just checked and I have plenty of disc to go. They have worn a little but would expect at least another 12 months. Pads have plenty of life as well.

Make sure when you have new rotors to bed them in correctly as this should extend their like etc.

Front discs are DBA2726S, Rears DBA2727S. Remsa Pads.

If you want solids just take 'S' off model numbers.

I am happy with these as stated and have a second set already sitting on the shelves when these have done their time.

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Slotted rotors should wear pads slightly quicker for normal driving. Track driving I believe should wear better! Though I am no expert. Just what my research found from US. I am not hard on brakes as my last set of OEM lasted 4 tracks sessions and 40k. This set of Slotted are up to 20+k with very little wear to date. I suppose depends upon how hard on brakes you are. They do stop harder when stopping aggressively though.

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