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Difference Between 2010 Vs 2011 Is-F ?


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Hello fellow F owners,

I am now looking at upgrading my 08 beast to either a 2010 or 2011 model and wondering what the notable differences are. I know they are mostly suspension and steering related but would like to hear it from experienced owners. I was going to get the RC-F but the price tag put me off so will be waiting for the next IS-F for another 2-3 years but meanwhile I am looking to upgrade. I already have KW v3 fitted curious to hear if anyone knows the updated suspension is any better etc... By the way my 08 is up for sale and looking for a newer car.


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I just picked up an MY11 but was looking for and MY10 onwards and this was mainly for the mechanical LSD. Now I haven't driven an 08/09 so difficult to compare but with Sydney's recent wet weather I can certainly feel the LSD working the way it should. The instrument layout in an '11 has the tacho in the centre, engine cover is a different colour and there are daytime running lights in the headlights, but subjectively these may not be an improvement for some.

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Congrats. Yeah LSD is my primary reason and also curios to hear about ride quality and gadget enhancements over prev models not that gadgets matter much. I actually prefer the old dash and the old rims which the 2010 still carries over however if the ride is significantly improved that is a good enough reason for me. I also read that steering feel is much improved?

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Over the '10 model, the '11 has got DRL headlights, diffent gauge cluster, more responsive power steering, and more dampening tweaks (slightly softer springs and stronger dampening).

The '12 model got the new Sachs dampers instead of the old Tokico's, and nicer 1/2" wider wheels. Don't think they made any changes after this though for the next years?

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2008 vs 2011


1. LSD

2. Softer but more responsive suspension

3. Front suspension geometry changed

4. Sway bars

5. Revised TCS and VSC system (lets u have more fun than the 2008 in the 2011

the my 11 is 3 seconds faster around the track than the 2008 on the same circuit

personal experience

there is less understeer in the 2011 compared to 2008

and has more grip than the 2011 compared to 2008

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...so the 2011 over the 2010 has updated geometry and better steering feel which I believe translates into better track times and more comfort?? If so the only question remains is the 2011 suspension better then the KW v3? Reason I am asking is if I should still install them on the new car or factory is better this time around? Thanks.

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Better steering feel comes for the ECU which can be upgraded into a 08 (under the battery)

KW v3s are better for the track

but for the road the v3s are not needed the oem sussy is good enough

iv got all the updated suspension on my 09 with control arms and subframes swapped out

it did make a massive difference on the car even with no coil overs

Steering feel will not always directly translate into better track times

but the suspension geometry should

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