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Serious Problem Yesterday


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Hi guys

I was driving on the hwy from adelaide to melbourne when all of a sudden the car started to surge when i was cruising at 110km/hr. The P light came on and started flickering. So i had D light on and P light on at same time. The car wanted to slow down as if you were slamming on the brakes but without breaking or skidding. It as if the car was trying to go into park from 110km/hr. This created a majour health scare as i had cars behind me cruising at 110km and my car started surging and trying to slow down suddenly then accelerating again. I couldn't control it and was extremely dangerous when it just happened all of a sudden.

The check VSC came on and engine light as well as anti skid light. I finally manged to pull over which was a mission too as it just jurked and accelarted and jurked vigoursly.

Has anyone seen or heard of this problem.

After pulling over both P and D lights were hard lit on.

I rand up Lexus service as i was in th emiddle of no where. they never heard of it and told me to try and nurse it back if i could as long as i didn't hear any noises.

So i had no noise, the lights hard lit on and started driving again. once the P light started flickering again it stared to jurk again and try and stop and start, It was extremely difficult to control. Ended up getting it towed after that. Currently at lexus service, just wondering if this has ever been an issue for someone becuase its quite a dangerous issue when your traveeling at 110km an hour

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Curious to hear what the problem was. The only similar issue I had recently was on a racetrack doing 240km/h and suddenly the RPM would not go over 5000 and surged a little this repeated itself a few times. Lexus engineers could not explain it there was nothing in the computer and was not overheating either fuel was sufficient.

What I can suggest is if this ever happens to you again not to panic (easier said then done I know) put the car in neutral so engine braking is not in play put hazards on brake and pull over immediately. If you don't do this and the engine stalls you may lose braking assistance and will be very hard to stop the car.

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Lexus has informed me that its the selector switch on the transmission. Apparently the switch was corroded. If this switch can create such a hazardous scenario then Lexus needs to think of redesigning the switch that will not corrode, or cover it so that it can not corrode. Sounds like a recall to me since it can create a dangerous situation

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Had a chat to the Lexus service guys while my car was being looked after and they said this component might have been tempered with as by factory specs is sealed and should not get damaged by itself. Wonder what explanation you got?

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