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Do I Wait For An Is300?

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Hi from a newbie. Sorry if this topic has been covered many times, but I couldn't find many comparisons on here.

I'm ready to buy, but only an early model < 10k. Do I hold out for an IS300 at that price, or settle for an IS200?

Many early road tests flagged the IS300 as being front-heavy. Does the extra power make up for any (slight?) degradation in handling?

Seems a big jump from 114kw to 157kw. I presume they are quite different cars to drive.

Are all early IS200 autos 4 sp and is300 autos 5sp?

In case you want to msg me, I'm thinking of a < 200k IS300 for under $10K. Lighter coloured (beige) interior preferred.



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Hi Don,

I was in a similar position to you when I was looking for an IS. I ended up with a 2002 IS 200. They are fun to drive even at only 114Kw and if you want more power later you can supercharge or turbo for approx 6K. And you can do lots of fun mods with them. Put some Anti Roll bars on them and you can corner sideways. :)

2004 IS's are now 10 years old so the dealers don't have to offer warranty on them any more. And the 2005's will come off next year so the prices will start to come further down.

On saying that I think my next car will be a supercharged IS 300.

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Main difference in the IS300 and the IS200 is the driveline, 2JZGE with a A650E(only 5 speed auto, with the shift buttons) with a bigger diff and axles at the back. Headlights are HIDs in the IS300 and the interior will be full leather or half suede. It will have the heated front seats and electric as well. I know some IS200s came out with the cloth seat

I don't find the IS300 too front heavy but I have never driven a IS200 very fast either. I think the IS300 has better fuel economy because the 2JZ doesn't stress too hard to make the same power and torque the 1G would.

I bought the IS300 because it was roughly the same price as the IS200s and I figure the 2JZ won't quit anytime soon. My car is past 300,000kms and doesn't burn oil or smoke at all. The trans is starting to shift slower between neutral and a gear but I am the only one who notice it.

If you are not happy with the auto you can switch to any Manual connected to a 2JZGE so W55-58, R154, V160 or V161. I am not 100% sure if the shifter will come up perfectly through the hole perfectly but its a good start.

SRT in the states have a IS300 turbo kit that can push out 450+ hp

Anyways food for thought, happy car hunting

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Thanks War and Sirlack

I've been looking, mainly on Carsales, and have decided on my requirements, so anyone with a car for sale, please contact me. IS300 Sports Luxury, Beige interior, sunroof (standard?), sub 200k (lower the better), sub $12k (lower the better :))

There's a couple of vehicles on Carsales in Sydney, and I'll be there in Nov for a week (Adelaide based), so might have a look at a couple of IS300s while I'm there.

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OK, nearly ready to uy, have spotted a couple of IS300s, one locally in SA, and another in Sydney, both matching all my criteria, except that one is not a Sport Luxury (still has the sunroof, cruise, beige interior etc). OK, its just 200k+, but is priced well, at 9K.

Can anyone tell me the differences between aSport and a Sport Luxury, apart from the mid-mounted GPS, which is pretty much all I can tell from pics and specs (sounds like a TV show :))?

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Yeah the GPS is about the only difference pretty much. All IS300s will have the HIDs, leather seats or the half suede ones, and the front seats will be heated and electric adjustable also they will have the little bobtail spoiler on the boot. Every Lexus LEXUS IS200 & IS300 should have a sunroof unless you special ordered it.

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Just an update on this post. I took delivery of my IS300 in Bordertown :blink: on Saturday, and drove the 300k or so back to Adelaide.

The car is just fantastic to drive, even with 4 different tyres fitted. That will be def fixed this week. I love the car to drive, first RWD car I've had since my Datsun 1600 and R30 Skyline. Gotta love the Traction Control (probably the tyres), and the car in general.

What a great car. Can't wait to fit the TRD springs on way from .T., and plan my next enhancement, not that the car really needs improving. :D

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Just another update on this, even though the thread probably doesn't need it.

Have driven the IS300 a bit more now, including a trip through Chain Of Ponds here in SA. The shift buttons on the steering wheel give great control and engine braking through the twisty roads.

I have posted some pics - http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/10630-is200300-pic-thread/page-4

Agent Smith, would be interested to see pics of your SA find.

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