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Hi guys straight to the topic im in need of a tyre change.

this is for a IS 350 fsport.

i was planning to just stick with the factory tyres the ER33

225/40R18 fronts

255/40R18 rears

but man those fronts are expensive best quote i been getting is about 310 a pop. and i've also been told that the rears are discontinued.

so overall i was thinking maybe its time to switch out all 4 x tyres.

my knowledge about tyres are very limited, so please be patient with me.

im quite the heavy foot driver and i attack my corners quite fast.

so with some of the more veteran members i was hoping to get some feedback/ suggestions for new tyres

medium --> high pricing is ok by me.

JAX smithfield suggested a set of PIRELLI P1 but im quite unsure about this =\

thanks in advance for the help.

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225 40 18 are fairly common. You can get dodgy unknown chinese brand from around $100. Half decent parallel import Kumho ku31 for around $160. Pilot sport 3 and continental sport contact 5 are well regarded but would be much more expensive

type 225 40 18 into ebay and you see the usual sellers like taleb, tempe, st george and payless tyres.

A lot of guys buy from tirerack in the US.

Don't know about 255 40. Type it into ebay and see what pops out.

The range on ebay is nowhere comprehensive but provide some point of reference.

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with some guidance... and some review reading i've decided to go with the KU39. hopefully it will serve me well with the tasks that i have installed for it.

much appreciated for the prompt response and help. :)

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Kumho KU 31 / 39 are decent and value for money, especially if they are parallel imports. As with most things, there is the 80 20 rule. You have to pay 80% more to get the last 20% of performance.

So if you are not the kind of driver who challenge the boundary of physics at every turn, then keep the change and don't worry about the last 20%.

Let us know how they feel after a few hundred Ks once they are worn in.

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fearful these will be my first set that i've changed so i have nothing to compare it to besides the ER33....

would of bumped it up abit more but didnt want to dip into my japan trip budget... so i had to tame the price down a little.

but will definitely let you know how they handle once i wear them in. :)

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I would say the contis are >= KU39. So unless the KUs are a lot cheaper, go with conti. So KU 39 / CSC5 front and CSC3 rear. I don't think having different make and model on differnt axles will be a problem.

For those into details, there are a lot of info on the net. Tread wear rating (US standard) are available from tirerack and other US retailers. Economy, wet grip and noise are avialble from the european site of the manufacturers.

For kumho, it is:


For conti, it is:


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like NAHTENO said definitely bang for bucks decision.

wanted to gate crash the S2k cruise on saturday to wisemen ferry and put the KU39 to the test unfortunately i rocked up as a passenger as i didnt want to be rude to such an organise cruise.

but im happy to report after abit of fun cruising up the northern shore area on sunday, these tyres left a pretty big grin on my face. abit nervouse at first to punish them into the corners as i didnt know how they would play out, but once i felt comfortable with them they out performed my ER33 by a mile!! would highly recommend them if your under abit of budget. considering i got all 4 corners fitted for $730. i got quoted for the conti's sports contact 5 for $1050 fitted which was good but forking another $350 just wasnt on the table for me at the time.

all and all i cant wait to test them out in wet condition. will keep you guys posted.

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I run Kumho ECSTA SPT KU31 on the Lexus seem very solid no issues with wear or wet weather driving.

I run 265's on a 19x11

However the most impresive tire brand I found as a test driver was the Federal 595RSR, RS and SS.

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