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Hi guys.

I just got a Lexus IS250 2006 SL and the DVD/CD Player doesnt seem to be working but everything else like NAV, Radio etc. still works. I tried holding eject button maybe something is stuck but nothing, also when pressing the load button you can still hear it working but the unit wont open up to slide the CD into it. Any ideas? Has anyone experiences anything like this before?

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Hi Leo,

I've had the same problem. In my case the unit would simply ignore the Eject and Load buttons and would state "No Disc" if I tried to select CD player mode (although there were 5 discs in it).

After many months it suddenly worked for two days. It then died again.

I took it out of the car, opened it up, and removed some CDs from it. Unfortunately it now just makes a bunch of noises but it won't eject my discs or play any, or load any.

I think the unit must have a mechanical problem (the electronics look ok to me).

A real shame that a "premium" audio accessory fails after 7-8 years when my dad's Toyota Camry from 2006 (with 5-CD stacker) has no problems at all. Guess it's just bad luck.

If you have nothing to lose and are brave, you can try to dismantle your unit but be very careful not to damage the interior of the car when removing the head unit. When you remove the air vents, do not place any prying tool above them at all, instead pry from in between the vents and the top of the display (after jiggling the vents out a little with your hand). The interior is like a sponge and falls apart if you put any force on it. Really stupid that. Good luck.

dis-lex-sic: I assume you mean that Lexus service can sell us a refurb unit?

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