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Engine Cable / Line Got Cut While Driving

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Hi there guys, I'm hoping you can help me.

Today while driving I stopped at a set of lights the engine went super low on idle and stalled out. So I quickly started it up again and drove it home.

When I got it home it was idling all funny, much below 1,000 rpm. The engine is quite a bit louder and it almost sounds like a lumpy V8 there is also quite a bit of vibration.

So I looked around for the problem at first I thought it was the throttle body but I soon found this. May as well let the picture speak
for itself.


I am a noob when it comes to engines and I don't even know what this line is, it's coming straight off the centre of the engine (please don't laugh at me :) ) I imange the other half of the line has fallen down the side of the engine below the air intake somewhere, how do I go about fixing / finding this?

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hose just broke or a plastic part?

i can't see much in pic.

if u dont know where hose goes to.. some guys on here would know. or did the plastic part going into intake bust

can't you hear the vacuum leak?

where is the open air goiing into manifold.. ? im bit lost.. yout holding it where it should go or asking

i see one running down over the side bank..? here>>>> this is?



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bottom half gone? its obvious a vacuum line.. advance retard etc.. like old days went from manifold to distributor, hence why ur engine doesnt know what frig its doing now..

running lean or rich at idle.



// http://www.clublexus.com/forums/attachments/ls400/168402d1269308831-where-does-this-vacuum-line-go-to-cimg1933.jpg

dont know i only owned a ls400 few months.. went up to 430

and i dont pull apart engines like i use to with fords :) in middle of nigth alone efi . or carb ;)

im sure guys on forum know.. where ever they are :) long weekend

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can u find other end? down side of engine. or the hole where sucking?

get some hose same size tomorrow cut to size .. couple of clamps.\

i like lupy cam though

or plug it!! if goes to a charcoal canister .. plug it.. its not a big deal at all..

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