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Just Bought An Is200! Mods?

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Hi All,

New to the forum just bought a 6spd Manual Black IS200, had a few k's on it but New Rims New Clutch New Belts New Brakes n Rotors.

Pretty happy with it gonna be picking it up Tuesday had a look at it and put a deposit on it yesterday.

Just wondering what are some typical Cheap Mods to do to it? I'm quite the JDM Fan and bought and IS200 for it's practicality, I'm not sure if ill put a spoiler or on it or just a lip and keep it nice looking but im wondering if there is things inside or out i should think of buying, typically i'm wanting to buy a bigger exhaust as I'm not use to the lexus's supreme quietness on the road, and it's kinda strange going from vehicles which the engine/exhaust were the loudest components. Just curious on some cosmetic features i should look into.


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If you're going for cosmetics I would recommend the legana kit and some yellow fogs. A small duck spoiler should be nice and cosmetics is all you're going to get with this car. Unless you swap the engine over you won't be able to get too much power from the 1gfe. I know that some people on here have turbo charged theirs but a 3sge or even a 2jzge (non turbo) swap and turbo will yield much better results. But I digress Legana kit =D on black would look hot. You might want to look into a genuine altezza grille as well.


You can also try the genuine altezza blacked out headlights


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currently gonna patch up a few things on the paint tonight, and vinyl a bit of ware on the interrior was wondering today, i'm still kinda struggling on take off for some reason im not exactly sure on where to rev and let off the clutch the rest of the gears are fine just abnormally taking off anyone else find this or am i just a bit lead footed atm

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