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Hi there,

my post from another thread:

Posted 25 March 2014 - 10:05 AM

Hi guys,

here is a review of these headlights,

I have them currently installed on my car since last Friday.

1st set of headlights, the left headlight drl did not all turn on, some LEDs were dead on arrival.

2nd set of headlights, the right headlight drl LEDs died after 2 hours of use.

I am now waiting until this coming Sunday for the 3rd set...

Fitment for an aftermarket part is very good however.

It is plug and play for the giant cable.

The headlight height adjustment is now manual, the motor does not reach in the new headlights cluster. The wiring is also different for this, the new headlight comes with a 4 pin connector whereas the original is a 3 pin either way, the stick in the motor is too short.for it to work.

Furthermore your headlights will now be H1 for the low beams, which requires some fiddling coz the wiring they have is a bit diff.

Overall, bit disappointing even for the price given that i got 2 sets of faulty parts already, after this third set if they fail im going to smash it..


image is when it worked from the second set, for like.. 2 hours and then fml


Posted 25 March 2014 - 01:55 PM

Oh yeah they DO NOT STAY ON, it really just is a bloody LED strip, same brightness all the damn time and.. its 1 click of the headlights, so to the parker (t10) position.

Honestly caused me alot of stress so far, however for 600 bux whatevs u know haha


It is now mid october and the last set that i got installed that stayed working.... they still working so yeah.

no regrets haha

i got them off mars on ebay au btw


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