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Fs: 2013/14 Is250/350F Hitech Exhaust


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For sale is a custom Hi-tech Muffler (344 Bourke st) made for the IS250 and 350 2013/14 year models.

Hi-tech are VERY reputable, have been around for about 40 years in Surry hills, ALL their parts are made in Bathurst by locals, so they cost a fair a bit more than regular parts.

The exhaust was fitted last week, and i was very happy about it. Unfortunately, i received the buyers remorse plague and decided only recently that i want a silent ride, for the reason that: 1. I don't drive hard enough to appreciate it 2. Im exhausted from work everyday after 11 hours shifts and just want a peaceful, silent ride back home.

I have full purchase receipts for the value of $900 dollars AUD, and a 10 year WARRANTY guaranteed by the store for all exhaust systems. Which i will upload shortly, hopefully with a video aswell.

The exhaust:

Before i describe it, i'd like to mention, i'm not a fan of loud, obnoxious exhausts.

On startup, is what i'll miss the MOST, when you start it up, it roars. like roars. calms down when you put into drive, revs go down and you don't hear it anymore.

Low to mid sounds throatier, and under consistent acceleration up a hill you will notice a slight drone which is not bad at all. Under full acceleration, the induction noise is much more pronounced and when you let off, you occasionally hear it crackle and spit in the background like a DSG fart.

I'm looking for $400 shipped to your door, preferably done face to face.

Located in Sydney

Give me a ring/sms if you want, 0421315324 Christopher

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