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2002 Is300 No More Genuine Parts?

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Although functional, my 2002 IS300 LHS light assembly had begun to dull - I had the panel beater polish it but over time it would continue to dull. IMHO it is a very nice car, I think it is a timeless clasic but the dull and faded light assembly was making it look cheap.

So with my VIN number, I purchased a brand new genuine $650+ Lexus LHS light assembly and genuine $250+ bulb from a Lexus dealer (over the phone) and had another Lexus dealer fit it as part of a genuine $1200+ Lexus service; the dealer told me the best way forward was for me to buy the part and bring the part in when I brought the car in for its next service - in hindsight this was probably not the best advice but I am not the expert.

The biggest problem is that our new genuine Lexus LHS assembly does not match the original RHS assembly - the difference is stark - the new assembly is hardly different to the original faded assembly - the RHS is crystal clear, very shiny and highly reflective. I noticed it immediately and have refused to take back the car but the Lexus dealer is infering there is no solution. Is this right - is the IS300 now so old that Lexus Australia cannot fix it?

Baby steps, we are now asking ( a ) for the new part to be removed so it can be returned and ( b ) for the dealer to put in a matching LHS assembly; but the dealer seems somewhat reluctant on ( a ) and extremely reluctant on ( b ). Do I persist? Do I take this up with Lexus Australia? Do I take this up with Fair Trading? What are your thoughts?

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well difference is

new headlight vs 10+ years old headlight

LHS would have looked like the RHS when new

but just like everything

wear and tear has taken affect on it

best to get a second hand unit

or just replace both sides to new

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thank you ilv1004s, but that's the irony, the 10+ years old one is the shiny reflective assembly that looks brand new and the new $600+ one looked dull and faded with no reflective surfaces. anyhow, small update, I've had a call from the dealer yesterday; they may have sorted it out now - assuming they didn't just polish the old one - the polishing is fine but it only lasts about a month - fingers crossed they found the right part. worse case is that I might be stuck with a new dud $600+ headlight assembly.

sincerely appreciate the reply nonetheless. regards 2002is300 :)

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TL;DR; All fixed - Lexus IS300 is still a nice car:

Good news all round:

Update #1: the lexus dealer in my state was able to find a brand new LHS headlight assembly that matches the old RHS clear shiney one perfectly - now both are shiny

Update #2: the lexus dealer that I purchased the faulty part from is accepting the return and organising a refund - I was prepared for the worse but he sounds like a good guy and kudos to him for not making it difficult; it's already been a nightmare - I will investigate writing him a good internet review as way of thanks when this is done

Update #3: I spoke with Lexus Australia to vent - they were excellent!


Someone suggested I should complain to my insurer. This was a dead end. The assessor was adamant that the light faded because of natural causes not because it was "buffed" by the repairer. We agreed to disagree and left it at that. Logical reasons why I disagree with the assessor are ( a ) I had a video of car immediately after the accident, the light was not faded in the video. ( b ) I had a note on computer with the insurer about a month after the repair complaining about the faded light and ( c ) I had a note on computer with my Lexus service center about a month after the repair complaining about the faded light. The LHS light only faded about a month after the repair. The RHS light did not fade and still looks like the new LHS light.

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So this faulty lhs you got, what was actually wrong with it? maybe it wasn't new?

I asked for and believed I was paying for a new light. When I spoke about the puchase I made it clear that the sole purpose was to replace the LHS light I had which was functional but had "buff" damage and as such had faded.

But there were obvious differences between the new LHS light I initially purchased from the Lexus dealer over the phone and the second new LHS light I purchased from the Lexus dealer that did the service.

The 2nd new LHS light I purchased is a perfect match with the existing original RHS light.

Fortunately it was all done under the Lexus Australia / Lexus dealership umbrella.

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