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Square Fitment Setup.


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Hey all,

Just looking for some input from the more experienced of you.

Looking at a set of wheels, 19x9.5 +22, in a square setup.

I'm lowered on swift springs, and have the rear guards rolled.

Would i have troubles with figment? Too aggressive?

Would be running a 275/30/19's.


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To be honest, I think you will struggle with that offset. It's a whopping 42mm front, and 39mm rear poking out from stock! 15mm-20mm looks pretty flush from what I can tell, you got 20mm spacers already don't you?

I've thought about going to a square set up, would be nice for extra front grip, and for the ability to rotate tyres around.

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This is Linea Corse 19x10+38 square set up that a few guys in USA are running. This car has 245/35R19 front and 255/35R19 rear tyres.

These wheels are 32mm front and 29 rear poking out extra over stock. Not sure what issues these guys have either. Looks mean though! :)



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