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Hi guys,

I tried to do find a search button but couldn't find it or am i just blind?! So please don't flame me!

Topic as stated, my cars a 2008 Lexus IS250 X edition - 90,000kms. My touchscreen suddenly stopped working a couple days ago, and i've done some reading on the US websites who have posted a DIY however! I am not confident in carrying out the task and was wondering if anyone has done this themselves? Or had this issue also. Everything else works fine, the buttons around, everything else but the touch except one button on the info where i can press, that's it though. The task involves pulling out the unit, finding the digitizer and using conductive pen to repair the trace on the ribbon/digitizer.

I called up Complete Options in Clayton on Westall Road (as i've used them before for alarms and audio and they do good work) however not being a regular or knowing any of the workers, i was quoted $550 for replacement (OEM) touch screen and labour. After reading this common issue and that it is a 'digitizer' issue that can be fixed for under $30 i am thinking twice about replacing the actual screen.

I would be happy to pay someone or a pack of beers or something to do this. I am located in Keysborough - Victoria.
Any help would be great!

Thanks guys,

For reference:

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