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OK, taking delivery of my IS300 on Saturday. I think it's the only car I've seen, certainly the only one I've driven, with 4 different tyres and 4 different tread patterns :blink:

Looking to retian standard rims, so thinking of maybe Pirelli P7s or a Yokahama of some sort.

What have people used, on standard 17 rims, and how have the tyres performed? I'll need to do this by Monday at the latest.

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I had Pirelli P7's on my factory 17inch rims (IS 200) which were OK in normal driving but poor in the wet. Just upgraded to 18inch rims with Pirelli CP1's and they are fantastic. Quiet and excellent handling in the wet.

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OK Settled on Bridgestone Potenza Aderenalin RE002 on stock rims.Wouldn't normally have gone for Bridgestones, but dealer is a brother of a mate, so a good deal has been done.

TRD springs will be going on at the same time, so can't wait to see what it looks like. Will post some pics on Sunday, if I finish getting the calipers painted (black) and the Lexus stickers on (already in hand off eBay).

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I had RE001 on the rear of my Altezza. They're not a bad tyre, reasonable grip but still allow you to have a bit of fun with the TRC off. I replaced them with F1 Asymmetric 2 & they have phenomenal grip in both the wet & dry. Even in the wet it struggles to break traction. I highly recommend them

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