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Rear Shocks Leaking (2006 Sports Luxury) - Options And Opinion Please

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Hi guys,

My left rear shocks have been leaking for a while and am considering replacement options.

I'm rather happy with the sport luxury ride and the height.

I'm looking at ONLY replacing the rear shocks.

Primary aim is keeping the same ride/height of the OEM sport lux (baby/toddler ride, no more full firm sportier ride for me for now).

I have follow question hoping someone can help me.

1) Does anyone know the difference between sport luxury and non-luxury model?

- Are the difference in the shocks, spring, or both?

I'm considering the following options:

1) replace with a pair of rear OEM shocks - do I just need standard IS250 rear shocks or are the 2006 Sports Luxury have their own different shocks?

2) replace with F-Sport rear shocks ONLY - keeping Sport luxury oem front shocks+springs, and rear oem spring.

- Anyone tried this?

- Would the OEM rear spring be compatible with F-sport rear shocks?

- is it ever too early to introduce sport handling excitement to my 18 months'o son?

Thanks heaps in advance guys!

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If you're changing one shock I would recommend replacing all as it is a good indication that they're all starting to die. SL shocks are the same as the prestige shocks unless someone can chime. Never tried to try the f sport rear and sl fronts but I would recommend keeping uniform shocks all around.

I may have a set of 2011 IS350 Sports Luxury shocks lying around somewhere if you're interested.

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Hey guys,

thanks for everyone's suggestion.

I end up getting the parts from partsouq.com

I was refer to this by a friend who have ordered from there.

At first it looked kind of dodgy (especially on Google it's address is at United Arab Emirates :o
), so I went throught many different car forums and found people have order from there with excellent experience and very good price.

I end up getting the two rear OEM struts, and shipped to Sydney (FedEX to my door).

All for under $500.

The best part was I ordered this last Sunday 16th, and got it on my door 3 days later on 19th!!!

I have no idea how is that even possible not even taking into account the low price.

Anyway now I just need to find some reasonable place to install them.

Called up a few places, some won't do it because they afrid of warranty issue. Other want me to bring the car in for a "

Can anyone suggest anyone or good place that they have used?

I have also been told by a Lexus dealer the 2011 IS350 Sports Luxury Shocks are not the same for my car.

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That's ok, glad you got the parts. Ive used them before when purchasing an additional smart key. They do look dodgy but it arrived perfectly fine haha.

I usually go to a place called Top One Automotive in Arncliffe/Wolli Creek area. I reckon they do a good job.

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