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2014 Plated New Is F For <$100K!


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...well I cheated a bit as you'd need to lease but $99,909 would be the amount financed if you leased ex-GST. I might have re-thought my current purchase if this appeared a few weeks back, my local dealer had one for $119k drive-way. While I have no real problem with the 'date' exterior/interior compared to new IS...it might start to bother me at $100k.

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well the replacement RCF is atleast another 40K on top and around 6 months to go so

might be pretty damn good

but damn

thats what i paid for mine 4 years ago

that was 2 years old

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Before we bought our car I enquired about new Flame-blue stock - there were none avail. As of several weeks ago there were four new Lexus Australia stock around the country at various dealers - so it's not as if there's a ton of cars being liquidated. But yes of course deals to be made at the end of model-run.

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Have to agree with these cars there will never be huge numbers but prices will drop more and more as they run out the old model to make way for the new.

technically there is no replacement for the ISF until the GSF in 2016

4 doors vs 2 door

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