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Bta Motorsport - Tuned Is F


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I didn't think it could be done, even with a piggy back. See here:


Great results on an Australian dyno. Anyone know any more about the car/tune/exhaust specs?

I'm thinking of getting back into an IS F (I currently have a R35 GTR which is for sale and miss my Lexus) and this would go far into swaying me because stock power isn't enough. That level of power is similar to a header/tune C63.

I look at American dyno results and they are always high with headers, but I worry the reality of the power is different. This is the first time I've seen anything similar to the American numbers in Australia.

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From what I've read on the mostly US forums, is that with headers and exhaust you're looking at close to 400hp at the wheels without a tune anyway so I'd be a bit sceptical regarding the "custom tune" bit, the stock ECU can manage this sort of mod on its own.

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I've read the same, and also read that 400rwhp/300rwkw is due to the dynos being much happier in the US.

So it's possible this comment is BS: "It's does respond we'll with the piggy back system we run"

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that comment maybe true

but in the long haul the ecu will throw the piggy back out and lock it out of the system

thus making the tune useless

only way to get power out the ISF with a tune is using a flash ecu

which will be done shortly on my car and i will update the results


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Look to Japan and see what they are achieving with their IS-F's! The likes of Icode are up to what, 350rwkw now?

As for Australian market, just have to wait for that rumoured LF-LC twin turbo lol!

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i know its old but only just seen this thread and BTA's dyno result.  260kw for a stock ISF.....just shows how much variance exists between dyno's, ramp rates, what gear its in etc.

I havent had a tune yet but have a Xforce catback and before a few other mods and it was dyno'd at 239@ wheels.  Along with a few other guys who dyno'd same place at Autowerks, approx 230 is about the norm at this workshop for a stock ISF.  

Would be great to see some numbers from someone more modified than the usual headers/exaust/intake and tune setup.  i.e. turbo or supercharge like some in the states :-)


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My car came with a JoeZ intake/filter, gutted mid section and a hks ssm and it make around the 250kw atw, from there we put on ppe headers and made a new custom mid section it made 270ish kw consistently. Got it tuned by BPS back in 2015 and bumped it up to around 290kw at the wheels, gains werent too drastic power wise but we gained 80nm torque across the range and power came on harder eariler, think he said he also played around with the auto settings. Throttle response was dramatically improved as well as up and downshift motions, will post up dyno sheet when i get a chance. 

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