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Hi, New Member Here.


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Hi everyone,

I believe when you guys see my car in my info will curious why a toyota guy reg here, as jzx platform has not much connection with lexus.

But, for one exception, JZX110, which is basically, share all the underpin with XE10. they have the same suspension arms and links, shocks, spring, and even identical brakes. I discover this after I own the car, struggling to find parts(oem and performance), suddenly, everything become easier. Engine and drivetrain refer to chaser JZX100, much popular here than 110, and all the handling just give me lots of choices, as the XE10 not a JDM, but worldwide model.

After talk about my connection with lexus, the other reason i reg here is I am about to shop a new RC. and then can share more about toyota and lexus.

Just attach some pic for my JZX110. Very few and mild mod re power. :)

Hope you guys enjoy the story.








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Hi, welcome to the forums, nice intro! Nice car you have there too,

Thank you~ do you have a gxe or sxe? either way, we can interchange all the suspension and brake part.,except struct bar. lol :D

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