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Panel Beater Recommendations - Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs)


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Mum's '09 Lexus IS250 has some side scratches; little bit deep, but not dented. She wanted to leave it, however a family friend recommended to have it repaired; otherwise the car will start rusting in those scratched areas.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone could recommend a panel beater in Melbourne's East, that you guys would trust your Lexus with? It would be a bonus if they were an AAMI approved repairer.

My family has been insured with AAMI for a long time, and we haven't had to make a claim for a long time. So we've been trying to push for choice of repairer, as we want it repaired by a Lexus Authorized repairer (http://bmb.com.au/).

However AAMI's approved repairer is quoting much cheaper, and we're very suspicious as to why its very cheap.

Anyhow, my Dad complained to them, and I"m not too sure what's going on now. But Dad said he would like to get quotes from other panel beaters.

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According to the AAMI PDS, you're entitled to get one quote from your choice of repairer; but if they get just one quote from a non-Lexus-approved repairer that's cheaper, the repair will be done by that cheaper repairer. So there's no real point seeking reputable repairers and making recommendations to AAMI - unless we can be certain that the recommended, reputable repairer is also the cheapest (unlikely).

How much were you quoted by BMB?

How much is the excess that AAMI will charge?

Bear in mind that the cost to you of repairing through an insurer is more than just the excess. It's the sum of:

- The excess

- The loss of Safe Driver Rewards credit for the next 2 years, (up to 15% of premium on renewal and up to 2.5% the year after that), *unless*:

* The scratches weren't caused by a driver of the IS250

* The policy has a Lifetime Rating One

- Possible loss of some discount on AAMI Roadside Assist, if applicable

- The premium adjustment that will be payable for the next (say) 5 years, regardless of who is at fault - simply because a claim was made

Unless the scratches are extensive, you may find that the cost of getting it fixed by a Lexus approved repairer will be less than the sum of the penalties on your insurance policy - and you'll get a better job done, too.

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If your dad has decided not to go through AAMI, but just wants some more quotes from Lexus approved repairers other than BMB, here's where you can get a list of approved repairers:


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Good luck trying to arrange your own repairer with AAMI - when I was insured with them (many moons ago) they insisted that I drop off my car at their assessment centre, and they would arrange for the repair of the car (I had no say at all with the choice of repairer).

Anyway, a great panel shop I recommend -


Not strictly Lexus-approved, but they deal with so many different Luxury makes I doubt it's a problem. Did a superb job on my LS (insured with Lexus insurance)

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And btw, also based upon previous experience yrs ago with another make of car - I would absolutely NOT recommend BMB. Blackburn Lexus are just around the corner - they still use & highly recommend stylemaster panels. Enough said.

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