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2005 Gs430 Steering Pulling But Wheel Alignment Ok - Help!

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I've had a 2005 GS430 for about a year now which has very vague steering and pulls down the camber of the road.

Now I know that these cars don't have accurate steering but this is very hard to live with and worse then the other cars I drive (including a 250,000km 14year old Commodore!)

The car is very sensitive to cambers on the road during braking and generally feels nervous.

I've had several wheel alignments and the car is within spec on each.

I've played with tyre pressures and swapping them around.

I just recently had new Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres fitted without any major change.

The last alignment guys I went to agreed that the car is pulling and stated that it is because these cars are configured to drive straight for markets where the car is on the right side of the road (USA).

This model does not have caster or camber adjustment so I am thinking about getting eccentric adjuster for the front upper control arm to get some adjustment in the system.

My question:

Has anyone else had these problems?

How did they fix it?

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