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Hi Ramesh, and welcome to the Club.

I have a 2013 IS350 F Sport. When it was two months old, I left it for 24 days without any issues.

Where did you leave your keys during those two weeks? Were they located within a couple of metres of the car? That could potentially drain the battery until the key decides to power off after inactivity, in - would you believe - two weeks.

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would have to be something left on to create amps drainage. You may have forgotten to turn off the boot light or interior light.

someone from your family would have accessed the vehicle and left one of those lights on by accident, or turned it on and realised to late- turning it off hours later.

or your vehicles battery was 4 years old and the last time you used it- you may have left the headlights on even for just 10 minutes, with the engine off. which requires a jump-start

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Thanks for the update, Ramesh.

A similar issue has been documented here: http://au.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/12238-3is-battery-drain

In that thread, someone jumped to the conclusion that there must be something on the Lexus IS that rapidly drains the battery. I note that, in both of these cases, mechanics have said that there has been "a faulty battery". That is very different from saying that the electrical system of the car is draining the battery.

That said, there may be a bad (or very old) batch of batteries fitted to some 3IS sedans - and may even extend to the replacements stocked by roadside assistance agencies!

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