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Ls430 Timing Belt - A Reasonable Quote?

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Hi All,

I recently bought a LS 430 with 188,00 k's on the clock. It has no record of having the timing belt replaced so this is the first piece of work I'd like to have done along with a list of other things that I'll do later until I'm happy that it's in a safe and reliable condition.

Would like your thoughts on a quote for $1590.00 from Toyota to have the timing belt, water pump and other pulley belts replaced. Price includes labour.

Is there any other work you'd recommend have done along with a timing belt?

Thanks for any comments and feedback.

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Hi AngelEyes.

Before I bought my LS430 9 months ago, I made a few calls to ascertain the overall servicing costs compared to my then vehicle, a Hyundai Grandeur.

To change the belt on the LS at the Brisbane Lexus dealer was around the $1250 mark, which was comparable to the Hyundai dealership for the V6 Grandeur.

I can't recall if that included all pulleys and water pump though, so $1590 seems about average based on that quote.

My LS is just overdue for a new belt now actually (155,000 km), so I shall be getting a couple of prices shortly. I'll reply on this list once I've got some.

Don't want to leave it too much longer.

There's a great tutorial on here somewhere of how to change the belt etc yourself if you're a handy mechanic, and it doesn't seem too difficult, but then my thinking is that if THEY stuff it up, it's down to them to fix it. If I stuff it up, I'm up for a huge expense. Only has to be one tooth out........



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Had lexus Perth change my timing belt and do oil/filter/airfilter/brake flush/diff/cooling flush and paid about 1200. 

Think was the 130k service with new belt which is  about $600 to do on its own.

Car only has 44k so water pump and idler was ok.


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