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Hey all,

New ISF owner here.

I promised myself when I bought the ISF I wouldn't mod it - after all, its such a nice car out of the box!

But the modifier in me reared its head and im in the process of organising a Borla exhaust and ordered PPE headers from FIGS engineering in USA.

By no means am I affiliated with the company, but I have to say that Mike from FIGS has been awesome! very knowledgeable guy, very generous with is time and overall a pleasure to deal with. He has informed me that with the RHD PPE headers there have been improvements since earlier models, with slight modifications to eliminate ALL steering rack interference, no mater how small.

they have sold 3 sets prior to mine with no issues since the improvements.

If you are looking at getting any suspension or exhaust set ups for your F, make sure to hit these guys up. Even though he is on the otherside of the equator his responses were always timely and on point.

ill post pics once I have received the goods and they have been installed.

Has anyone else here got a similar set up?

What are your thoughts?
Whats the sound like?

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Have you actually ordered your Borla yet? Mine might be up for sale.

Also be careful with the headers from the US as they are the reverse of what is suitable to our AUS cars hence the steering issue.

My setup is exactly what you have in mind and is awesome but got it all locally just to avoid those issues.

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Thanks for the welcome ISF Bloke.

I am in talks with another forum member Elgin from queensland - he is selling me his cat back Borla. If this falls through for any reason ill keep you in mind.

I have confirmed that these headers are Right Hand Drive compatible. Mike was very informative in talking me through the process. All PPE headers for the OZ market have been modified, but within the last 9 -12 months there has been further development after some feedback of scrubbing. as i mentioned new headers have been sold to OZ with no negative feedback!

Do you have any clips of your car and the sound it makes? was the power increase noticeably different? Worth while mod?

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Alright than headers should be fine. Mine is the axle back so it does give you power gains as opposed to cat backs only however its louder. I have some track videos but they were shot on my previous car without headers, with headers on they are slightly louder but sound very similar. I'll PM you if you still want to hear it.

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ISF Bloke - I'm a little confused

My understanding is that an axle back is just that - an exhaust from the rear axle backwards - more noise than performance.

The borla cat back goes from the rear of the headers (where the primary cat is) all the way to the rear. This is the higher performance variant of the two options.

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too easy ISF Bloke.

just spoke to my guy and he's getting his exhaust taken off today and storing for me till i get time to install.

Cheers and good luck with the new mods

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