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$30K My12+ Oem Wheels?!


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Last weekend a mechanic friend who has worked on ISF insurance repairs was telling about me about Lexus cost of repair incl wheel replacement. I was enquirying with my delaer yesterday about reprgramming the all-door unlock & I asked on a whim MY12 BBS wheel replacement price: $7,500 ea! :o

I txt my wife and said no parallel parking anymore unless she's really confident!

I'm not sure if this is designed to discourage purchase by non-ISF owners, but if it is there should be a realistic price for genuine replacement purchase for ISF owners - I mean a nice set of BBS new is what $6-8k normally??

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factory wheels are expensive

and plus thats special price for the insurance which inc lexus tax

a used set in immac nic will go for 3K tops

a new set will be around 7-8K

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god dammit...of course knowing the cost of these wheels and how much I love the MY12 BBS wheels I am uber careful...but kissed the gutter entering multilevel carpark few weekends ago while going to see MI: Rogue Nation. Downer on my outing, after the movie wife remarks 'you really didn't enjoy that did you?' Good movie...but I was so dirty at doing what I have never done even back when I drove bombs with $200 set of mags. :angry:

Pretty light rash in the scheme of things, Craig from Wicked Wheels in Queanbeyan (he does a work for dealers incl Lexus Canberra) reckons I won't see the repair.....'but I'll know'

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For this reason I have special insurance for rims and paintwork and windscreen. Costs me $15/month, they'll repair rims, stone chips scratches etc whenever I fee like its time.

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