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New 3Is Style Tail Lights For 2Is (Sharp Looking) Full Led

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I found pics of these new tail lights for the 2IS, (they look like the 3IS Tail lights)

They have the sharp "L" tube LEDs in the tail lights which look very cool, and they are full LED (indicators and all)

Pics are from this blog here: http://minkara.carview.co.jp/en/userid/1010646/blog/35338959/default.aspx?cm=true#cm

*EDIT: new pics:

it seems there are many different versions/colours available:

i like the last one the best :D


Here is another hard to find version made by "Nigeljdmparts.com", :







there is alot of discussion about these tail lights here on clublexus:


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Where can I buy them at tho

There is a Warehouse in sydney, Australia which now has the black ones in stock,


Its strange how they claim to only fit the 2005-2008,

yet the OEM 2012 tail lights do fit on early model 2IS' ??

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I'm liking the last one also, looks real good but i don't believe it has the rear fog lights for those sport luxury guys.

Looks like Mars Performance has one with the fog light options


Food for though: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/is-2nd-gen-2006-2013/786182-nigel-jdmparts-tail-lights-have-arrived-4.html

and one without rear fog light option.


Wouldn't mind sporting these after their reliability is tested some more haha. However the black surrounds bother me a bit.

If anyone gets these please do let us know how they go.

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