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I am currently considering an upgrade to an IS350 (last generation - GSE21R).

I was just wondering from any owners or experienced people if the F Sport or the SL is the preferred vehicle?

I generally do not modify my vehicles and rely on the factory options.

From what I can see the F Sport advantages over SL:

- Sports tuned suspension and steering ratio from the factory (my preference)

- Better sports seats and sports pedals

SL advantages:

- Radar cruise control, parking sensors, rear electric shade but loses the sports tuning and seats

It seems that the F Sport is the better overall purchase since I don't see much use in the radar, parking sensors or shade.

But I am very keen to hear opinions.


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The F Sport doesn't really have that much over the SL that I would call an "advantage". The tuned suspensions aren't really that sporty either.

It would all come down to what you can get for cheaper, lower kms, condition and what not. SL does have the vented seats and much more comfortable seats than the F Sport.

Don't think my11+ models came with rear sunshade as well.

Parking sensors is always a plus too.

Even though you're not into modding you can always add the exterior front lip/wheels/suspensions on the SL and it'll make it just as aggressive as the F sport.

All comes down to what you can buy at what price but I wouldn't spend more to get the F Sport and can justify a little more for the SL.

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Thanks for the replies guys. Still mulling over it..

Plankton: I noticed that the radio in the final 2012+ models is three buttons instead of four.

I understand this headunit has the HDD based navigation and Bluetooth audio streaming, but it looks like they got rid of the CD stacker, DVD playback or something?

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Yeah all my13 models come with the new model navigation and bluetooth streaming. Not quite sure about the cd stacker and dvd. I don't use either much so I never quite looked into it.

I found the manual for the US version, looks just like the 2013 AU one so probably the same one.

It plays DVDs, but they dumped the stacker, only plays single CDs. I guess digital audio (BT, USB etc) made the 6-disc stacker pointless.

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