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All New Lexus Rx 2015/2016

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All new RX have been unveiled on the New York motorshow,

Short video from autoguide.com,


From auto blog:


Should arrive in Australia by 2016?

Looks like they kept the 5 seaters configuration, not going 7 seaters


- Huge 12.3" BMW style head unit screen

- new design steering wheel (similiar with BMW M-Sport design)

- first gen remote touch interface

- panoramic roof

- 8-speed auto transmission standard for 3.5L engine

- fresh interior design & seats design:

- L-Design head and tail lights

- Implementation of the triple LED head light with the Nike swoosh LED is the better one than the NX / RC / IS (more integrated look)

- F-Sport 20" wheels looks great


- Black D-Pillar- they didnt implement it properly like Land Rover cars

- Still no option for 7 Seaters

- Front fog lamp placement

- The new engine got DI now, but still lack behind others

Overall, i think it will be still very popular and big seller in US market..

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The new interior is an improvement, I don't like the exterior - too much NX in some areas of the styling. Someone on the net compared it to the Pontiac Aztec - enough said.

As for mechanical specs - the North Americans have had the 8 speed in the F Sport for quite a while. I don't think it's a given that it'll be standard down here.

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