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where do you buy your vehicle maintenance parts from in australia

i used to use sewell with shipito for mail forwarding. Looking for alternatives, i've tried local melbourne dealer but its really too expensive.

GSE20R-AETLHW - Automatic base luxury 2006

list of product numbers that i normally purchase for maintenance servicing.

oil filter: 04152-YZZA3
engine air filter: 17801-31110
cabin air filter: 8713907010

brake pads rear: 04466-53010
brake pads front: 04465-53040

rear rotor: 42431-30280
front rotor: 43512-30310
shim kit rear: 04946-30110
shim kit front: 04945-53040

fitting kit rear: 04948-30220
fitting kit front: 04947-53020

spark plugs: 90919-01249

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